Garden Valley Neighborhood House Inspires IWN Haus
Garden Valley Neighborhood House 7100 Kinsman Rd Cleveland OH 44104

Garden Valley Neighborhood House • 7100 Kinsman Road • Cleveland, Ohio 44104 USA

IWN Haus Inspired by Garden Valley Neighborhood House

IWN Haus is a Chicago-based, commercial real estate development project (concept building) that contains a digital printing center, E-Commerce / Metaverse Incubator and Journalist & Content Creator Coworking Center. 

The target audience is underserved BIPOC and low-income residents of Public Housing, Housing Choice/Project-Based Voucher Holders and Homeless Entrepreneurs. 

IWN Haus is modeled after Garden Valley Neighborhood House, which is located in the Kinsman neighborhood, one of the poorest areas of Cleveland, Ohio and home of the former Garden Valley Estates – a federal housing project of Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA). 

IWN Haus founder, Dante Hamilton, is a former resident of Garden Valley Estates and received training and scholarships from Garden Valley Neighborhood House that enabled him to launch his graphic design, commercial print brokering and publishing business back in 1979 while still in High School.

Video: Part 1 • 2:16

Welcome to Part 1 of IWN Haus and how this ultra-modern, commercial building design concept – being developed by Internet Webpages Newspaper, Inc, (IWN) – was inspired by Garden Valley Neighborhood House in Cleveland, Ohio USA.