IWN.Haus Contract Writer Job Opening for 2022-2023

Contract Writer

IWN is seeking a Nigerian writer (preferably a College or University Student or recent graduate) for a quarterly series (4 times a year minimum) of 16-page, tabloid size (11x17 page size) full color, printed newspaper publications focused on IWN.Haus, an ultra-modern concept building being developed by Internet Webpages Newspaper, Inc. for the Chicago, IL USA area.

These "Newspapers" are not typical like a Chicago Sun Times or Chicago Tribune or local community newspaper. They are actually direct mail marketing publications designed and produced in a newspaper size (tabloid, 11x17 inch page size) with a magazine style design and layout. They do not contain any sports, news, crime or political topics, articles, stories or any such standard "newspaper" content found in a typical newspaper.

Instead they contain Augmented Reality (AR), Personalized URLs (PURLS), personalization, images and text related specifically to IWN Haus and its series of related developments. For instance, the first issue will contain IWN Haus architectural floor plans, renderings, links to the 3D model in Augmented Reality, interviews with the Nigerian architect and IWN Haus founder among other related content. The writer will not be responsible for any design aspects. Content written for print may also appear in the IWN Haus online website and on IWN Haus social media channels.

The project budget is very small and amounts to a little over 1.1-Million Naira within the course of the 12-month project for roughly an average 15 hours of work per month.

For compliance purposes, the writer will be a contractor and all payments, invoices and agreements will be handled through the DEEL Platform, which specializes in payroll and compliance for international teams. To be hired on this project the writer will be required to register and maintain an active registration on the DEEL Platform for the duration of the project. More details will be provided to interested applicants via Zoom/Google Meet via a virtual interview. However, you are encouraged to visit the DEEL Platform website and learn more about their Nigerian operation for contractors.

Internet Webpages Newspaper, Inc. is building a Remote-First Business Model focused on Nigerian contractor talent in 2022 and 2023. Internet Webpages Newspaper, Inc. (IWN) is an Illinois-based, certified DBE, MBE, Section 3, 100% black-owned business providing graphic & web design, printing & publishing services. Established in 1998.

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